This is the first book to deal with the current financial crisis and its probable future consequences. It starts from the comparison between the great crash of 1929 and it tries to identify its characteristics and similarities. Then the authors go further with the fractal analysis, giving forecasts for the coming months and years. Using also the intermarket, sectorial and geographical analysis it provides strategies for trading and investing.In the end it gives the features of the stocks that in future will do better then the markets themselves.


1. Preface
2. Crisis and technical analysis
3. The everlasting rules of Dow
4. Fractal and integration with technical analysis
5. Forecasts by applying the fractal analysis
6. Comparison with other crises and stock market forecasts
7. Analysis of the crisis on different stock markets
8. Focusing on market sectors and best areas
9. Intermarket Analysis
10. Characteristics of winning titles
11. A geographical areas on which focus



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